A series of interviews with creative people we've come across on the web. Some are friends, some are strangers, but all are interesting.

UPSO, Music/Web/Design

Dustin Hostetler, UPSO

Play is a series of interviews with creative people we've come across on the web. Some are friends, some are strangers, but all are interesting.

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There's an old saying that says "Jack of all trades, master of none". To this somewhat archaic expression there are notable exceptions: the distinguished few who can dabble in many different fields and kick ass in all of them.

My friend and co-founder of Loca Lola Design Team, Paul, is a good example of such a person. Another notable member of this small but aggravatingly talented club is Dustin Hostetler, otherwise known to the online community as UPSO.

UPSO is an exceptionally talented 2D and digital artist, brains behind FAESTHETIC (the Fast Aesthetic), and member/vocalist of the Ohio electro-rock outfit STYLEX. UPSO is LLDT's current artist profile. Here is an interview:

QBall : Your art and design style seems to lean towards an almost "grungy" style (I mean that in a good way).

UPSO : well, I had never really thought of my work as "grungy" before, but I suppose some of my personal work could be seen that way, as I tend to haphazardly lay lots of stuff on top of each other... which can get kind of dirty...most of what I do doesn't have much planning in it, so I guess its what comes naturally.

QBall : What are your biggest influences, artistically and design-wise?

UPSO : my girlfriend. my inspired friends. music. the internet.

QBall : Tell us about FAESTHETIC!

UPSO : FAESTHETIC started out as a school project several years ago that fizzled into nothing. all that remained was the name, which I really liked. the fast aesthetic. It's implying a moment in time, right now, where we are so over stimulated with media.. just a glimpse of what is happening.. faesthetic is now. but it will also be then. (ha ha, that made no sense)

Last year I asked a bunch of friends and people I admired to submit some work, and I put together issue #1 which was 40 Xeroxed pages of art, design, and words. I loved the way it turned out, but it took me sooooo long to put it together for a million different reasons, that by the time it was done.. I had lost a bit of interest in it.

I'm just finishing up issue #2, which should be done by summer (I'm only going to do one a year) this one is going to be professionally printed, and the line up of contributors has really filled out nicely. I've got work from nikostumpo, cina, prate, nando, graphic havoc, naesdencontrolcentre and some other friends and peeps I admire (note : see FAESTHETIC for a complete, up-to-date list of contributors). It's going to include a print by Worldwide Domination and some other cool stuff. I'm really excited about this one. I'm just looking for someone to help me sell it.. so I can fund issue #3... I'm really inspired by my friends that run Clamor magazine from OHIO! Jason and Jen, who have a real DIY mentality towards the media. I feel, with faesthetic, I'm just making a magazine that I would want to pick up.

QBall : Tell us also about STYLEX. How did it come to be?

UPSO : STYLEX has been around for several years. its me and my best friend Joel, whom I've known since I was 2. there is also our good friend's Brian and Jeff. its music heavily influenced by bands like BRAINIAC and DEVO (both from Ohio!) and has a real rockin electro new wave sensibility. We just had our first cd put out by a small label in Michigan ( and we are already hard at work on our next cd.

QBall : Do you think you could ever choose art + design over music or vice-versa? Is your artistic style related in any way to your musical style?

UPSO : well, hopefully I will never have to pick one. each hobby helps get different things out of me. design, and all the time in spend in front of my computer on things like my personal work (I guess most of my work IS personal work) helps keep my brain active and keep my one my toes. things like my design diary site help me work out the types of ideas I have.. like a sketchbook... in a visual form.

Performing (which I don't get to do enough) makes up for all my anti-social computer behavior by letting me spaz out in front of a group of people for an hour or so. Both are like therapy, and both work well together. Luckily I am able to design all the stuff for the band (flyers, cds etc) so at least for the time being, everything is working well together. I think, as far as music style vs. design style... I approach both with a sense of intimacy.. screaming and whispering with lines and words. so I guess they come from the same place. ;)

QBall : Why is a frog too?

UPSO : that is a really good question. I'm not sure.

Interview By: Quentin MacMillan

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